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    Hubei Eguard Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd is invested by the listed company - Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd in Xianning YangtzeRiverIndustrialPark. It’s a modern equipment research and development, design and manufacturing base for environmental resources.      Company is located on the convergence of Jingui road and Shutai road in YangtzeRiverIndustrialPark.Total investment is 456 million yuan and covers an area of 561.2 acres(374000㎡). The expected annual output is more than 300 sets environmental protection equipments. And the annual sales income of 680 million yuan, total profit is 120 million yuan.The company's main business scope: solid waste treatment equipment, wind power equipment technology research and development, design, manufacturing, sales; renewable resources, recycling, treatment, operation (excluding imports of raw materials available solid waste, hazardous waste, scrap auto recovery) ; electrical and mechanical equipment and spare parts for export, import distribution business.At present we have fourteen patents and mastered the municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, industrial waste, medical waste and electronic waste disposal at the forefront of process equipment technology. Particularly scrap tire processing and recycling equipment .It has a unique proprietary technology. Cost-effective is better than the foreign similar products. In the future will be exported to some European countries and regions. The establishment of Hubei E-guard solid wasteR & Dmanufacturing base will change the existing situation of lacking equipment.      Chinese environmental protection industry have been developed for 20 years . And the treatment of air and water pollution is earlier, maturity ishigher. The air and water pollution treatment equipments are the main equipment of environmental protection which is produced by domestic environmental protectionindustry.Because of the late starting of solid waste industry and more complex technical of equipment,thisblock of business is still blank in China and critical equipment can only be imported from abroad. The annual output value of domestic solid waste facilities is very low, accounting for 5% of total output value of environmental protection equipment . Because there is no domestic production base of high-grade solid waste equipment. And high technology, high value-added equipment can only be imported from abroad. Equipment localization rate is low.      Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd.with the solid waste treatment industry in the existing international technical standards ,R & D accumulation and wealth of industry experience, have variousdesign and manufacturing capacity of solid waste treatmentequipment. Company enter the lucrative field of high-end products. It will change the design capacity shortage of domestic solid waste products and the situation of lack of high-end products.     Meanwhile, Hubei Hejia manufacturing base will greatly enhance the ability of equipment. And will change the adversesituationthat the key equipments dependent on import, furtherintegration of industry resourcesand catch up with world advanced level .